THIS week we look back at a golden age of travel with steam engines and locomotives in Blackburn and Burnley.

Our trip down memory lane shows some iconic times for transport in the area including the end of the line at Rose Grove in Burnley as there is a scene of the marshalling yards in 1968 as the redundant Stanier 8F locos were waiting to make their last journey to the scrapyard.

Carrying on the same theme there is a shot of fireman James Walker on Prince Street on the last steam engine to leave the station in August 1968.

Another image shows a wreath and plaque bearing the words ‘Farewell to Rosegrove Steam’ expressed the feelings of the crowds who gathered there.

In Blackburn, there is a photo of the George Stephenson and Leander pulling into Blackburn in1985.

Then another image shows ‘The Duke of Gloucester’ was pictured letting off steam before leaving Blackburn station.

There is also a shot of a landmark in the town’s history when an engine is passing Whitebirk Power Station around 1960.

One of the final photographs is of Burnley’s most famous driver James Retford - the bearded man on the left - in charge of the Mazeppa engine. He drover between Burnley and Todmorden in 1850s.