A BLACKBURN dad of three has spoken out against discount retail store Poundland over the selling of inflatable willies and plastic breasts as part of its hen party range.

Luke Carter was left flabbergasted when he came face to face with a range of 'inappropriate' accessories following a visit to the store in The Mall in Blackburn.

He complained to Poundland but bosses say the range is 'tongue-in-cheek' and won't be pulled from shelves.

Lancashire Telegraph:

A spokesman for the chain added that it was 'sadly too easy to offend people these days'.

Mr Carter, from Blackburn, said: "I went to the new Poundland in Blackburn and they’ve got penises on headbands, inflatable willies and plastic breasts on display.

"It’s part of their hen party range but it's at eye level right next to the children's items, which is just inappropriate.

"For a child to see that sort of thing is disgusting. I'd expect it from somewhere like Ann Summers but not from Poundland."

Lancashire Telegraph:

The chain hit the headlines last year over a different adult range with reports stores were selling 5,000 'bullet vibrators' a week - alongside flavoured condoms which worked out at 8p each.

It comes as it was revealed a new budget chain '£5 WORLD' could launch in former Poundworld stores.

Mr Carter, 34, complained to shop staff, and also to the chain's head office.

He added: "The items should be in their own aisle with an 'Over 18' warning.

"Imagine if a child picked up a headband with willies all over it and put it on their head - it's completely immoral."

Lancashire Telegraph:

He said: "They said the items should be in their own aisle, but they said they weren’t taking them out of their range.

"Morality in society is falling if things like this are allowed to continue, and I don't want that sort of society for my children."

Poundland communications adviser Nick Agarwal said: “We know some of the items in our stag and hen party range won’t be to everyone’s taste, however, they sell extremely well and the majority of customers appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humour.

“Sadly it’s hard not offend someone these days, but we appreciate the feedback.”