An intricate carving of a deer has been stolen from a walking trail in Burnley.

The carving, pictured, was created by a member of the Friends of Towneley Park and went missing from the Smallholdings Trail last week.

The exact date of the theft is unknown but staff at Towneley Hall are asking anyone who has seen it to get in touch so they can pinpoint the disappearance.

Friends of Towneley Park chairperson, Maureen Frankland said: "Last week it was sitting comfortably on the Smallholdings Trail for everyone to admire, but now it has been wrenched from its post and disappeared, with no respect for the carver who freely gave many hours of work to produce it."

The walking trail sits in Wilson's Wood, opposite the Deer Pond close to the garden centre, a small distance from Towneley Hall itself.

Mrs Frankland said: "If you see the carving anywhere, please make sure it is returned to Towneley Hall; thousands of good people love and value Towneley Park, it's just a pity that a few selfish people wish to spoil everyone's pleasure."