A MAN repeatedly abused the 999 emergency service to make threatening calls to the police.

Blackburn magistrates heard the calls included some bizarre comments including one where he said; "The Queen's hat has fallen off ha ha."

But others were more sinister including a threat to "kill you all."

Keiron Anthony McKillop, 26, of De Lacy House, Preston New Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to an offence under the Malicious Communications Act. He was jailed for four weeks and ordered to pay £115 victim surcharge.

James Towey, prosecuting, said 28 calls had been made from the defendant's mobile and from phone kiosks. On Friday police had responded to a call in which McKillop said he was going to kill himself and he was arrested.

"He was abusive on the way to the police station," said Mr Towey. "He acknowledged that he had to stop ringing 999. He said he was under the influence of spice and rang the police rather than taking it out on other people."

Mr Towey said McKillop was currently subject to a criminal behaviour order which prohibited him from attending at the police station except in an emergency.

Catherine Fell, defending, said McKillop accepted he had a problem with spice which he claimed started when he was in prison.

"He says he had thoughts in his head and rather that do anything silly he rang the police because it helped him," said Miss Fell. "He appreciates the 999 system is not the place to do that."

Miss Fell said McKillop was subject to prison licence and was in the process of being recalled.