A PENSIONER with mobility problems said she was unfairly treated after receiving a parking ticket.

Dora Eddleston, from Blackburn, has been fined £100 by Liverpool-based firm, Civil Enforcement Ltd, for failing to pay to use a car park for 14 minutes and 56 seconds in Blackburn town centre.

The 83-year-old, from Feniscowles, who is a blue badge holder, has had to walk with a crutch for 10 years because of a hip problem. She has also survived bowel cancer and a heart attack two years ago.

A letter was sent to Mrs Eddleston’s home in Arnside Crescent, on Saturday to inform her she had failed to pay for her 15-minute stay at the Mincing Lane car park.

The widow said: “This has given me more stress and I feel like a criminal.

“The only time I come to Blackburn is to go to Barclays bank for a statement and I try to park as close to the bank as possible so I don’t have to walk far.

“I used it on that Saturday morning and then I get this £100 fine. It’s just ridiculous.”

The car park has a sign which states that vehicles displaying a disability badge are not exempt from parking payments.

Mrs Eddleston claims the sign was not there at the time the alleged offence was committed, which was between 10.25am and 10.40am on September 24.

Her daughter, Elaine Bevan, also from Feniscowles, said she had tried to get hold of someone at the firm but to no avail.

The 54-year-old said: “It’s totally disgusting that you can’t get hold of a person to speak to. It means you have no way of stating your side of the story.

“My mum is an elderly lady who finds it difficult to walk very far without a crutch. In those circumstances you would park as close to possible to where you want to be.

“It’s not right that they can send notices like this to anyone without assuming some form of responsibility.”

The Lancashire Telegraph was unable to contact Civil Enforcement.