Residents of Clitheroe gathered outside the full meeting of Ribble Valley Borough Council tonight to protest against more housing development in the town.

More than 30 people holding placards lobbied councillors as they entered the chamber.

They were objecting to proposals to build on three areas for new homes.

The council is proposing to amend the local plan to allow the building of 100 houses at Highmoor Farm, and 40 at each of Hawthorne Place and Chatburn Place.

Protest leader Andy Pendlebury was to address the meeting on a 1,300 signature petition against the change.

He said: "This will lead to the over-development of Clitheroe without the schools, NHS premises and roads it needs.

"It will ruin it as a country market town.

"We are trying to stop this change. There are enough houses in Clitheroe. We don't need any more."