THOUSANDS of pounds of charity money, raised for a woman with terminal cancer, has been stolen from a social club.

The owners of Longshaw Sports and Social Club in Blackburn found more than £10,000 had been taken in the early hours of Monday morning.

CCTV footage showed two men, one with a crow bar, inside the club in Bryan Street, breaking into a safe and gaming machines.

Callum Ramsey, whose family has owned the club for four years, said at least £4,200 had been raised to support Karen Murchie, from Blackburn, who has been diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer.

Mr Ramsey, 27, said the club has stayed open but has been hit hard by the break-in.

He said: "We are distraught, mainly because a lot of the money had been raised for Karen.

"There was at least six months worth of fundraising cash in there.

"It's horrible to think these people have come in and taken money that's not even ours.

"It must have been planned, it didn't look like an opportunists job.

"They've broken in through the front door."

Mr Ramsey said the men had crowbarred a brick out of the wall and pried the safe open.

He said: "They've caused damage wherever they have gone, they've kicked doors in, they've broken a till, it's bad.

"We haven't closed, we will have to pay the next lot of bills and more out of our own pockets and carry on.

"The charity money had come from a variety of fundraisers that people had very kindly helped out at and donated too.

"We are so disappointed.

"If anyone knows anything I would ask them to speak to the police immediately, we'd love to get the money back for Karen."

A police spokesman said: "Unknown offenders approached the premises and used potentially a crow bar to gain entry.

"A large quantity of cash was taken, which was taken from gaming machines and a safe, there was also damaged caused to the machines.

"Anyone with information is asked to email or call 101 and quote log 0290 15 October 2018.