A MAN who was found dead by his landlord used a small meat cleaver to cut himself, an inquest heard.

The knife, thought to have been used to make small cuts on his lower arm, was found next to his body by police upon conducting a search of his property.

Opening the inquest, Coroner Richard Taylor said: "Mr Patel's landlord became concerned when he hadn't heard from him for a while.

"He was found dead in his home and the landlord immediately called the emergency services, who pronounced him dead."

However upon examining the body, a pathologist concluded that Mr Patel had died due to heart failure, not the cuts themself.

A pathology report read out by Mr Taylor said: "The deceased was a 50-year-old with a history of alcohol dependency and depression.

"He was found dead with cuts to his left arm and upon a search a meat cleaver was found next to the body. There were no further injuries found."

Detective Dave Greenwood, who attended the scene where Mr Patel's body was found, said: "Mr Patel lived in a bedsit flat, the door was locked and the landlord had gained access.

"We found, under his body to the side, a small meat cleaver. There was also some evidence of drink and prescription tablets."

Police were able to determine that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Mr Patel's death.

The coroner concluded that the injuries sustained by the knife were not sufficient to kill Mr Patel, it was the fact that he had a weak heart.

Mr Taylor said: "Mahendra Kumar Patel was found dead at Flat 2, 133 Preston New Road, Blackburn on 22nd February 2018.

"He was suffering from impaired cardiac function he had self inflicted knife wounds on his forearm. There is insufficient evidence to determine his intentions."