COUNCIL bosses are set to deploy covert cameras top try and catch repeat fly-tippers in two areas of a town.

Residents in Mill Hill and Roe Lee in Blackburn are fed-up with persistent dumping of rubbish in back-alleys causing rat infestations.

Both areas have been repeatedly struck by fly-tippers and local people are demanding action to catch the culprits and deter others.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The organisers of Mill Hill St Peter’s Social Club and its football teams said he back-alley access to the premises off Queen Victoria Street had been repeatedly strewn with burst bin bags, furniture, food and other waste attracting rats.

Mill Hill has previously been branded a dumping ground for fly-tippers.

Residents living near Douglas Place and Sapphire Street are similarly frustrated after years of fly-tipping on the back-alley between the two,

Jamie Callaghan, a committee member of Mill Hill St Peter’s Football Club, said: “It’s disgusting. It’s been going for ten years.

“The alley leading to our club is a disgrace.

Lancashire Telegraph:

“The blacks bags, food waste, furniture and all sorts dumped there.

“You can see rats running around. It looks dreadful for visitors.

“The council, come every few months and clear it but it all starts again.

“We have asked them several times to remove it in recent months and they have tidied up the mouth of the alley near the club but the rest of the back-street is still a disgusting mess.

“We need something doing permanently.The club has offered the council places to put CCTV cameras on out walls, fences and buildings."

Council leader Mohammed Khan previously called for more CCTV to stop fly-tippers.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Jason Walker,a community activist in Roe Lee, said: "The alley between Douglas Place and Sapphire Street is a disgrace.

"It's been going of for ages. It has happened three times in the last six months. It's attracting rats and vermin.

"The council come ac clear it up but we need something doing to stop it long term. We need tough enforcement action to catch and deter those responsible."

Fly-tipping cost taxpayers more than £1million across East Lancashire.

Cllr Suleman Khonat, Blackburn with Darwen Council assistant environment boss, said: "I will get this investigated and look into putting our covert CCTV cameras in these two locations to catch the culprits."

Lancashire Telegraph: