TWO Great Harwood bakers mastered the art of mixing in their spare time.

Brothers Peter and Philip Eddleston worked for three years to build their eight track recording studio – and it was the only one in East Lancashire in March 1980.

And it took just a year to establish their reputation in the recording business making records for several local groups.

Peter, aged 34, said: “The nearest other studios are in Manchester.

“So it is not surprising we have had a lot of inquiries. We’ve done three albums, four singles and some EPs so far but considering we have been going for a year that’s quite a lot.

An album by local folk group Royston Jones and Easy Listening took eight months to record, the Telegraph reported.

The brothers, who ran a bakery on Church Street, recorded a whole range of music including Blackburn punk band Stiff, a comedian and light music.

The pair recorded two outside events, “Messiah” and the Great Harwood Male Voice Choir from Accrington Town Hall for the Hyndburn Talking Newspaper.

And they still managed to find time for their other great hobbies.

Peter played for Great Harwood United and Philip enjoyed the great outdoors as a keen mountaineer.