A BRASS band from Germany has arrived in East Lancs to play hymns and popular music to celebrate its connection to the diocese of Blackburn.

The Blaserkreis der Landedkirche Braunschweig (Brass Circle of the Brunswick Church) are connected to the diocese, with links to the cathedral.

They played outside Blackburn Market for around an hour this lunchtime and will play again at the cathedral after evensong.

Their street performance included hymns from Germany and the Church of England gospel, as well as hits and traditional numbers including Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger, Elton John’s Circle of Life, and Rule Brittania.

Father Jens Paret said: “We came here on Sunday and today we had a little concert in Clitheroe. This isn’t our first time. We’ve been coming here for the last three years.

“In 1994 the two dioceses signed contracts for a partnership. Each diocese was connected with churches in the other country’s area.”