BUS shelters in a town have been slammed as 'deplorable' by councillors.

A group of Liberal Democrat councillors in Colne are demanding urgent action to deal with 'shocking' bus shelters along the main roads through the town.

The shelters were put up several years ago by national company Primesight as part of a contract with Pendle Council but councillors say that contract has now expired.

Colne councillors have described their condition as 'shocking'.

Waterside ward councillor Alice Mann said: "The appearance of most of them is shocking and at least one is actually in a dangerous state.

"We are contacting Primesight themselves and also Pendle Council which gave Primesight their contract. We are also sending pictures to some of the firms that advertise in these shelter to ask them if this is really how they want to promote their products and services."

Her Waterside ward colleague Tony Greaves reported the dangerous shelter outside St John’s which had a sharp piece of rusty metal sticking out of the side.

He said: "It seems the company want to continue, but if so they need to put up some new shelters or completely repair the old ones. At present they are a disgrace to the town.”

Primesight has been contacted for comment.