A FOOTBALLER said he feels like the ‘luckiest man alive’ after scoring a victory against his biggest opponent, cancer.

Nicky McNally, of Colne FC, said his life changed forever after he was told by doctors last month he had developed testicular cancer.

The striker revealed the news publicly on the football club’s official website in an article entitled, Get Familiar With Your Balls.

Mr McNally, who has made four appearances for Colne FC after joining the club this season, said he wanted to urge men to get themselves checked if they had the slightest doubt.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The 30-year-old, from Keighley, said: “This is just one story where a young father and family man had the best possible outcome. 

“Some are not so lucky and I want to share my story to spread that awareness.”

Mr McNally found out he had cancer following a routine check-up which his wife, Nicola, 32, booked him in for.

Mrs McNally was concerned the vasectomy her husband had back in 2016 had not worked because she thought she might be pregnant.

Her husband said he reluctantly agreed to go to see his doctor at the beginning of September and after the check-up he was sent to hospital for an emergency appointment. He said his whole outlook in life changed on that day.

The father-of-three to Ivy, two, Paula, four, and Farrell, six, and stepfather to 12-year-old Lily said: “The big ‘C’ Bomb was dropped and my life changed from that moment on. 

“To be told I had cancer was the last thing on my mind as I dropped my pants behind the screen that morning. 

“Cancer? I could not believe what I was hearing. 

“I am a young fit and healthy 30-year-old with my whole life ahead of me and now I have cancer.”

The former Silsden player said the next seven days were a blur and within a week of being told he had cancer the illness was already being treated. 

After waiting two weeks for the results of his CT scan and blood results he found out the tumour had been successfully removed last Thursday and he described himself as the ‘luckiest man alive’.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The managing director of electrical company McNally EV said: “I felt like the luckiest man alive to be told the cancer hadn’t spread, they had got it early enough and the whole tumour was removed during the operation. I’m now on observation for the next five years and yet I feel lucky.”

Since the footballer posted the article he has received support from other footballers, colleagues, friends, family and people overseas as far as New Zealand and Australia. 

Colne FC manager Steven Cunningham was one of several people who hailed the great strength and character of his number 12.

He tweeted: “Nicky McNally has not been with Colne FC long but we are very proud of him.

“He has shown great character and strength in his battle and to openly share this in his hope to raise awareness for other is bravery at its best.”

Mr McNally added: “It has been really surprising.

“My intentions were just to let all my friends know what I had been through and now I’m getting responses from people in New Zealand and Australia.

“It’s a bit scary as I didn’t want the commotion but equally it is overwhelming.

“My final message is if you have any doubt get checked out.”