Conservative MP, Nigel Evans, has spoken out in support of Teresa May's latest decision on fuel.

The MP for Ribble Valley has praised the Prime Minister's latest commitment to freeze fuel duty on petrol and diesel.

The policy move intends to relieve costs for motorists across the UK, and will represent the ninth consecutive year that fuel tax has been frozen under a Conservative government.

Mr Evans said: "For many people across the UK having access to a car or van is not a luxury - it is a necessity.

"In rural areas like the Ribble Valley, the need for personal vehicles is particularly apparent, without access to a car thousands of my constituents would be unable to work, pick their children up from school or visit relatives.

"The voices of millions of motorists have been listened to again and it is no secret that lower fuel duty provides a significant boost to the economy."

Motorists are still being burdened by high oil prices and increasing pump prices, but the most recent freeze will take strides to ensure motorists can continue as normal and fear less about spiralling costs.

Mrs May announced the freeze during her keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham last week.

The freeze is expected to be formalised in the Chancellor’s Budget later this month.