WE have taken a trip down memory lane looking for images of Blackburn and surrounding areas down the years.

An interesting tale was about the practice of Sunday promenade from it’s boy meets girl association called the ‘ bunny run’.

In December 1886 there was an article and picture of Preston New Road was reported in the Northern Daily Telegraph.

It said: “The nuisance caused by hundreds of young people assembling in Preston New Road on Sunday nights is one of which complaint has long been made.

“The residents in that part of town have to grin and bear it but thanks to the energy of the police the usual Sabbath crowd has been kept moving.”

Another shot shows New Market Buildings on the corner of King William Street and New Market Street in 1908 and in particular Worswick and Sons sold furs, silks and mantles and illustrated their well-stocked windows with outdoor gas lamps.

King William Street features heavily in this feature as another photo shows the former Burton’s tailor store at the junction with Church Street and a policeman was controlling traffic.

We look at the sights and sounds in Mill Hill including the railway station, the congregational chapel. Do you remember any of these shops or attractions?