A Mellor councillor said she wants to work with police and villagers to tackle the ongoing problem of anti-social behaviour in her area.

Cllr Stella Brunskill said she wants more safeguarding for Mellor after an article published by the Lancashire Telegraph highlighted the increase in littering and drug misuse taking place on Mellor Village Hall car park.

The Conservative councillor for Mellor ward said: "We are in discussions with the police as to how to tackle this and we want the perpetrators to know we are going to be more vigilant now than ever because this type of behaviour is not welcome in our village.

"We must support the families and residents in and around Mellor, and this littering and drug misuse will not be left unchallenged.

"Whether that involves putting up cameras and lighting, we will be consulting with the police, as it cannot be ignored."

Last week this paper received reports that a large number of empty nitrous oxide canisters had been found on the Mellor Village Hall car park, along with used condoms and discarded vodka bottles.

Residents expressed their concerns saying they were angered by the littering, but were more worried about the risks associated with drug use and the knock on effect it could have on their quiet residential village.

Cllr Brunskill made it clear that she and other councillors, as well as the police, are aware of people from out of town coming into Mellor late at night to park up and take drugs.

She said: "We want these people to know we are onto them.

"We have had lots of dog walkers who use the area around the village hall saying they have noticed unfamiliar cars pulling up.

"The local people want to protect their children and families, and in order for us to do this we need to work in cohesion to eradicate this behaviour.

"If needs be we will record the registration numbers of the cars and report them to the police."