A MAN died after taking a heroin overdose, an inquest heard.

John William Hogg was found dead at his former partner’s home in Rishton on May 1.

Christine McIntosh found the 42-year-old collapsed near the settee in the lounge.

Police and paramedics, who were called to the home shortly after 8am, found drug equipment and several syringes in the property.

The court heard the night before Mr Hogg died he had gone for a walk to meet some friends.

A toxicology report revealed high levels of heroin and cannabis in Mr Hogg’s blood system.

Coroner Richard Taylor said the amount of heroin was so high that even a seasoned user would have difficulty surviving it.

The court heard Mr Hogg had a problem with drugs from his teenage years but his family thought he had cleaned up his act a few years ago.

A statement from his former partner, which was read out to the court, said she believed Mr Hogg had been clean from drugs for some considerable time and had found no evidence to suggest otherwise.

Detective Inspector Paul Barlow, who attended the scene, was questioned by members of Mr Hogg’s family over the police’s findings.

Mr Barlow said: “John’s circumstances suggest his actions were self-inflicted.

“He was found away from his bed and lying near the settee with drug paraphernalia found within the property."

“These are sad instances and often the partner does not know what is happening because the person taking drugs does not want to tell them and because they are often not proud of their actions.”

Reading a conclusion of misadventure, coroner Mr Taylor described Mr Hogg’s death as drug-related.

He said: “It’s always so distressing for a family when a loved one who was doing so well clearly passed away in circumstances such as this.

"I offer my sincere condolences for your loss.”

The medical cause of death was determined as heroin toxicity.