THIS exclusive video captures the terrifying moment ZOMBIES chased customers at a shopping centre.

But luckily the undead haven't really arrived in Blackburn to terrorise shoppers (just in case you hadn't guessed by now).

Hundreds of thrill-seekers from across the North West descended on The Mall for 'the ultimate scare event' - Zombie Nightmare - hosted by Wicked Experiences.

Teams of 12 were tasked to find a cure and save humanity as they navigated their way through the shopping centre to find clues, whilst trying to avoid being caught by zombies.

Myself and a Lancashire Telegraph colleague 'manned up' to help save the world from a zombie apocalypse.

Lancashire Telegraph:

I'm not sure who's more scared here - me or the zombie I was trapped in a cage with

During the 60-minute role playing experience, players were led by a guide through various sections of the Mall, including the carpark, loading bays and service corridors.

Company director Ashley Gamon described the event as the closest experience to the American horror movie, Dawn of the Dead.

Mr Gamon said: “It’s a premium experience and one of the most realistic zombie experiences you will ever get to encounter.”

The 30-year-old said creating the experience was a logistical challenge to ensure the rooms, actors, lighting, sound and props were all in place an hour after The Mall shuts at 6pm.

Lancashire Telegraph:

A team of 50 actors played the part of flesh-eating zombies

The Mall’s marketing manager Laura Diffey, who took part in the challenge, said: “We have opened up areas of the Mall people wouldn’t normally see because we wanted to provide that extra something to the experience for our shoppers.

“I enjoyed taking part because while it’s a scary experience it’s not just one where you are running away from zombies. There is a puzzle element to it as well.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Actors were brought in to play the role of zombies

Lisa Clough, 36, from Darwen, said: “There were so many unexpected surprises along the way. It was exciting and definitely got the adrenaline going.”

Jason Cothliff, 31, from Helmshore, said: “I was completely out of breath when it finished but I had a great time and really enjoyed it.”

The scare experience will return to the Mall this Friday and Saturday from 7pm, priced at £45 per person. Visit