A DISGUSTING bin filled with rotting faeces was dumped and then tipped over on a residential road in Blackburn.

Portree Crescent residents refused to open their windows after the bin was left in their street on Thursday, due to the overpowering stench coming from the brown wheelie bin.

They said they were not sure if it was human or animal faeces, but they had been knocked sick by the smell.

The bin, which had the words ‘ha-ha-ha’ written on the side, had been knocked into the road with waste pouring out of the top onto the path and road.

David Duxbury, who lives near where the bin had tipped over, said: “It’s absolutely awful, words can’t describe how foul it smells.

“You can drive down the road and you can smell it as you turn the corner, it’s disgusting.

“There’s faeces in there, it could be human, it could be animal, I’ve no idea.

“The bin was really heavy, I couldn’t move it.”

Mr Duxbury said he reported the bin to Blackburn with Darwen Council on Thursday and a worker removed the bin yesterday. However, the strong smell was still lingering.

Fiona Donaldson, another Portree Crescent resident, said she saw the bin when she was taking her children to school.

She said: “It looked like someone had taken rotten faeces or sewage out from a septic tank and put it in the bin.

“At first I thought kids from down the road had done it, but the bin looked far too heavy for a couple of kids to do.

“I won’t let me kids near it and I’ve told them it’s poison.

“I can’t open my windows because of the smell.”

Mr Duxbury, 64, who suffers from respiratory problems, said: “There’s children that play out here and now they can’t because of this.

“It is a serious health hazard, I can smell it everywhere.”

Blackburn with Darwen Council environment boss Cllr Jim Smith said: “I can’t understand why someone would drag a wheelie bin full of poo across a street and dump it there.

“Someone on that estate must know who has done it. I highly doubt there’s no one who saw the people drag the bin like that.

“The person or people who did that might actually need help, it’s not a normal thing to do.

“I’m pleased the council has cleaned it up as this must have been extremely unpleasant for everyone on that street.”