POLICE and council staff will have continuing help to crack down on fireworks pests.

A special neighbourhood order giving greater powers to clamp down on anti-social behaviour including the setting-off of fireworks has been extended.

A Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in Bastwell, Blackburn, was introduced in October 2015 for three years. Two of its specific conditions allowed the confiscation of combustible materials such as fireworks and a restriction on people congregating in groups of three or more after being asked to disperse.

It was brought in after residents reported feeling intimidated by the unauthorised bonfires and youths setting off fireworks in the area. Now with bonfire night on November 5 approaching, Blackburn with Darwen Council has extended the PSPO for another three years. Fixed Penalty Notices of £100 can be issued to anybody breaching the conditions.

Bastwell ward’s Cllr Shaukat Hussain said: “We know that anti-social behaviour has a profound impact on victims. There have been particular problems with young people and fireworks in Bastwell in recent years, not just in the run-up to bonfire night, but all year round. This approach has worked positively.”

A police spokesman said: “We are pleased with the introduction of this PSPO as it will allow a more robust response to the issues important to residents.”

Fire and rescue service spokesman Neil Hardiman said: “It’s important to remind people that fireworks can be lethal.

“We are asking people to take care.”

A multi-agency operation called Brightsparx has been set up alongside the PSPO to help tackle the issues around unsupervised bonfires and irresponsible firework use prior to and on bonfire night.