A SERIAL wheelie bin arsonist has been warned to stop before some serious damaged is caused following a spate of fires.

The call came as fire crews were called to put out two wheelie bins which had been set on fire in the alley behind Audley Range Road, near the Accrington Road junction in Blackburn, at around 6.30am on Monday.

A fire service spokesman said this was the fourth call-out to wheelie bin fires in that particular road in three weeks.

Audley Range residents have now been advised to keep their wheelie bins in their back gardens until collection day, rather than leaving them in the alley at risk of being targeted.

Lancashire Telegraph:

One Audley Range resident said she had found the spate of fires annoying.

She said: “The fire service have been called out a couple of times now and it’s starting to become a nuisance.

“Firefighters don’t need to be wasting their time putting out fires which should never have started in the first place.

“Who is this person or people doing this? I can’t see what sort of kick they would get out of it.”

Fire bosses have said those who start bin fires are putting themselves and the people who live in the houses nearby at risk.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Another Audley Range resident said: “I don’t want my bin to be set on fire.

“Many people keep their bins in their gardens, I hope this stops because I don’t want someone climbing over my gate and setting fire to my wheelie bin in my garden.

“The remains of the fire looks awful and makes the place look really run down.”

A fire service spokesman said an investigation is underway to find the people responsible for the fires.

He said: “We were called at 6.30am on Monday to yet another wheelie bin fire in Audley Range.

“We’ve got a serial wheelie bin arsonist and it’s a real waste of resources, time and energy.

Lancashire Telegraph:

“There is always the danger the fire might spread to cars or other property and cause serious damage or risk to life.

“We’d advise people to keep their wheelie bins in their back gardens, away from cars if possible, so this person doesn’t feel tempted to do it again.

“The person doing this needs to stop because they will be caught and punished appropriately.

“They are also putting themselves at risk.

“The police have been informed and investigations are underway.”

A Blackburn with Darwen Council spokesman said: “This sort of behaviour causes so many problems for decent, law-abiding residents.

"This sort of thing not only puts people’s lives at risk if fires spread to cars and properties, but causes unnecessary problems for the fire service and the added expense of people replacing the bins. Starting fires deliberately is a criminal offence so we urge anyone with information about any suspicious behaviour to contact the police.”