I DO find it is a little odd that some people tend to think that Blackburn – my home town – was better 15 years ago.

It clearly wasn’t. The bus station was naff, the town centre was poor and the road network was a little weird.

Others seem to suggest that it was better because there were fewer mosques and more community cohesion.

Let us be completely honest about this. Blackburn was a great place to live 15 years but to suggest things were better is not true. It was in places pretty rubbish.

In 15 years we have moved on quite a bit and the past two years we have had a whole load of new buildings and businesses opening up. I agree it is not Manchester and will never be London but for a small town like Blackburn these are major changes for the better.

Lancashire Telegraph:

I say this because in the coming months we are going to have another two restaurants opening up. This on the back of East Z East launching in the town centre and Steakout opposite Pizza Hut.

But a friend of mine seemed to have a big problem with this. He seemed to suggest that more halal restaurants would make the town ‘go backwards’. And this, readers was coming from a Muslim friend.

Now, I visit quite a few places when I can and even find myself having that excellent fish pie at the Oyster and Otter on occasions.

But businesses will open up when there is a demand for the product. Most folk couldn’t care less if the food is halal or not as long as it tastes good.

If McDonald’s had any sense they would put a few Halal burgers on their menu too. Not everything but a just a few. It seems to make good business sense but brands are just so scared of doing something a little different.

Lancashire Telegraph:

On the whole though Blackburn is fast becoming a place where people from surrounding towns visit. We can’t ignore this anymore.

Second office block and restaurant to be built on Cathedral Square

I have already spoken to people in adjoining towns who will look to visit Blackburn to dine at the new restaurants – and that can’t be bad at all.

So, next time something new opens and you hear from some bloke moaning about how great it was ‘back then’. Remind him ‘no it wasn’t – it was rubbish’.

A little positivity goes a long way.

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