A RECOVERING heroin addict who was making 'excellent' progress with his drug problem was found dead following an overdose, a coroner has ruled.

James Jason Murray, 47, was found dead in his room at the Islington Hostel on Bolton Street on June 19 of this year by a fellow resident.

A toxicology report ordered on his body found that he had ingested a cocktail of drugs before his death, including a concentration of methadone associated with chronic and tolerant users.

Traces of marijuana, paracetamol and anti-depressants were also discovered in his system.

Prior to the inquest, a doctor offered Mr Murray's cause of death as bronco-pneumonia caused by multiple drug-toxicity.

He was last seen the night before his death while eating his evening meal, and was said to have been in 'good spirits'.

Mr Murray had recently spoken to his mother, Paula Greaves, about how he was trying to cut down on his intake of methadone and said he hadn't taken heroin in a long time.

In a statement she said: "He was proud of reducing his methadone levels over recent times.

"He was engaging with the drug charity Inspire and he was very keen to stop taking drugs and to improve his life.

"But unfortunately over the years he frequently lapsed.

"He had used heroin in his teens and battled with it his whole life."

A caseworker at drug charity Inspire also confirmed that Mr Murray's engagement with the service was 'excellent' saying he rarely missed an appointment.

He said: "He was happy on his dosage of methadone but had recently had two accidental overdoses.

"He was positive in his attitude."

The inquest also heard how Mr Murray hadn't been in the best of health in the run up to his death, experiencing breathlessness.

Recording a drug-related death, Coroner Richard Taylor said: "This is a young man who had a history of heroin addiction.

"He was engaging well with Inspire and reducing his methadone use.

"But on this occasion appears to have taken rather more than his current dosage and had also used some other drugs which proved fatal.

"There is no evidence that he intended to end his life.

"This was a drug-related death. Mr Murray died on June 17 after having ingested an excess of drugs."