A HAIR salon manager is trying to find the 'brave' taxi driver who followed an alleged thief who broke into her business and led him to the police.

Charlotte Cassidy-Garner, who runs Triangles Hair and Beauty in Preston Old Road, Blackburn, said she wants to thank the taxi driver after the business was broken into at around 2.20am on Sunday.

Police confirmed the shop was broken into and a till and a Marie Curie charity box was taken, with damage caused to the front door.

Mrs Cassidy-Garner said a taxi driver from Intack and Central Private Hire had witnessed a man come out of the shop, followed him and alerted the police.

The 31-year-old said she wants to find the driver and thank him properly.

She said: "He put himself in a precarious position by following him and was brave to do so.

"The police arrested a man because of this taxi driver and without him the thief would have got away.

"I saw him briefly but we didn't get chance to properly thank him.

"I have rang the taxi company but we cannot get hold of him."

The mother said the business has belonged to her auntie and uncle, Sarah and Eric Brotherton, for 30 years and the pair had recently gone away to Ireland to see friends.

The couple had held a charity fundraiser for the Marie Curie charity after it had supported a relative who had died.

The salon owners were set to travel to Paris to run a marathon and raise more money for the charity.

The salon, which suffered damage to the front door, is expected to be open today.

Mrs Cassidy-Garner said: "They've caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage just to take petty cash.

"It's really hard work, I'm currently on maternity leave and with my auntie being away its come at a really bad time.

"We were broken into last year as well so that is twice in eight months.

"People who steal from charity are the lowest of the low in my opinion.

"It's horrible to think there's someone out there willing to steal from innocent people and from a needy cause.

"It was hard watching back the CCTV and seeing someone inside the salon and throwing a rock to break in and take things."

A police spokesman said a 42-year-old man from Blackburn has been charged with burglary and is due to appear at Blackburn Magistrates Court.