THESE shocking images show three people sparked out on a bench in broad daylight after apparently taking the zombie drug ‘Spice’.

The two men and a woman lie unconscious on the seat and the pavement as pedestrians, including schoolchildren, walk past them in King Street, Blackburn.

Police and councillors have acknowledged there is a problem in the town centre with people taking the former legal high but say they are working with drug charities to tackle the issue.

Videos and photographs of people suffering the effects of Spice have appeared online and the latest footage was shot by 35-year-old marketing boss Daniel Heald from his office window shortly after 2pm last Tuesday.

Mr Heald said: “It’s completely freaked me out, they look like the addicts are virtually dead.

“They are plaguing the streets and it’s very harrowing and freaky to watch but members of the public just simply walk past and don’t care.

“It’s like the street is turning into zombie central from the footage and photos, it’s disturbing.”

Blackburn with Darwen neighbourhood Inspector Martyn Holt said his officers will continue to work with substance abuse charity Inspire, the council and shopping centre security staff to ensure the town centre is a safe place to shop.

Insp Holt said: “We are aware there are people within Blackburn town centre who do buy and consume Spice.

“We have run various operations alongside outreach workers from Inspire and other partners to identify a user’s vulnerabilities and support them to overcome their addiction.

“From an enforcement point of view we have carried out various warrants on houses we believe – based on information from the public – are linked to the sale of Spice and people have been arrested and charged.

“It is concerning to us because it is part and parcel of our daily business. We are working with our partners to deal with the situation.”

Blackburn with Darwen business boss Cllr Phil Riley said: “People taking Spice is a problem but I would be surprised if it’s worse than anywhere else in the country.”

Spice is a psychoactive drug which is a former legal high and designed to mimic the effects of cannabis.