A FORMAL policy could be introduce to help a council deal with requests for for additions and amendments to be made to the borough’s war memorials.

Currently Hyndburn Council does not have an explicit policy in place for determining these requests, with decisions made on an ad-hoc basis.

A report to go before full council next week says there is evidence that

additions have been made to some of these memorials on occasions in the past.

When considering whether it is appropriate to add a name to a specific war memorial, the policy proposes that any changes will honour the original intent of those local communities.

In a report to be presented at the meeting, borough head of corporate support, Mike Walker, said: "Whilst there may be apparent errors on a war memorial the passage of time means it is difficult to conclusively confirm this.

"Additionally, amending existing entries on a war memorial brings with it the increased risk of damage to the war memorial.

"There is a school of thought that the errors themselves form part of the history of the structure.

"For these reasons the policy recommends only considering requests to add names to war memorials where these have been omitted and where the individual isn’t suitably commemorated on any other war memorial within the borough.

"Any physical change made to a war memorial brings with it a risk of unanticipated damage.

"The policy seeks to balance the needs of the community to commemorate the borough’s fallen with the council’s responsibility to protect the structure and fabric of the war memorials."

If the draft policy is approved, the council will only consider requests for names to be added to war memorials from the relatives of the individual.

Applications to alter or amend council-owned war memorials would be made in writing to the local authority.

The relative applying to add a name to a war memorial will be required to provide detailed supporting information to justify their application.

The application will need to address and provide clear evidence  in relation to any person they wish to be added on a war memorial.

Information required would include full name, proof of service, confirmation of their death in service and proof of place of birth.

Proof of relationship and broad family support for the application would also be required.

Members will vote whether to adopt the draft policy at the meeting on Thursday next week.