TWO stray cats are looking for a home after being rescued, with the kitten having never been in a home.

Topsy the cat was heavily pregnant when she was rescued by Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in Bury seven months ago.

Unfortunately, two kittens died, and only little Jim survived. But, Jim has never seen life outside of the sanctuary, and now Bleakholt is looking to find a suitable home for the mother and son.

Sanctuary Manager, Karen Weed, said: "Topsy was in a sorry state when she came to us. She was terrified of humans and her hair was matted and dirty.

"The cattery team have spent lots of time with her and she has grown in confidence.

"They have now been with us at Bleakholt for seven months and Jim is literally growing up here never knowing what a home is like.

"They have an unconditional bond and we are desperate to find a loving home for them."

However, both Topsy and Jim have tested positive for Coronavirus, although, it is dormant and does not affect them, the virus can mutate to Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

Coronavirus is a viral disease in cats spread by feces.

Ms Wood said: "Many cats with Coronavirus can have a perfectly normal life and show no symptom."

"However for the very few it can mutate into FIP - this may never happen but any potential owners do have to be aware of this.

"Due to this, Topsy and Jim need to be indoor only cats and be the only cats in the home. They would love to find their forever home or a longer term foster home so they can relax."