A HOME Office pathologist yesterday conducted post mortems on the East Lancashire couple who died suddenly at an Egyptian resort last month.

Lancashire's senior coroner Dr James Adeley order the autopsies on the bodies of John and Susan Cooper after they were flown home from the Red Sea resort of Hurghada.

The examinations followed Egypt's chief prosecutor Nabil Sadek saying forensic examinations there showed the Burnley couple were killed by e.coli.

Their daughter Kelly Ormerod, who was staying at the same hotel with her three children, said: "I have not seen evidence or facts of any e.coli.

"It does not kill you within a matter of hours.

"They are either stuck for answers or don't want to tell the truth.

"I have no faith whatsoever in the Egyptian authorities."

Dr Adeley said: "In view of the concerns raised by this case, analysis and evaluation of the findings at post-mortem and the associated samples may take some weeks or possibly several months to analyse. These results will need to be compared with the findings from the Egyptian investigation."