LANCASHIRE County Council is to spend £300,000 repairing walls on two roads on the outskirts of two market towns.

The authority's Cabinet this afternoon has been asked to add the projects at Little Tooter near Bacup and close to Longridge, each costing £150,000 to its highways programme.

Officials describe both as 'high priority' in a report to senior councillors.

The scheme at Little Tooter near Sharneyford on the A681 Todmorden Road out of Bacup follows the collapse of the retaining wall supporting the highway requiring single lane traffic flow and temporary traffic lights.

The report says: "The wall urgently needs to be repaired before it deteriorates further."

The second project at Longridge with Bowland will replace the tie bars at the wall on the U3190 out of the town and will require the acquisition part of the bank of Chipping Brook to complete.