A DAD-of-two who got fed up and lonely working from home every day has set up a new co-working coffee club.

Rowan Ardill has started Hump Day Coffee Club to create a regular meet-up for fellow co-workers in Ramsbottom.

The 31-year-old, who works for the running club organisation Park Run, said: "I’ve worked from home for the last couple of years and going from a busy working office environment to working alone can be quite an isolating experience.

“I set up Ramsbottom Running Club in 2016 to try and counteract some of that isolation and I found that really helpful.

“From there I learned that a lot of my co-runners also worked from home and often went to cafes to work just to get out of the house.

"Setting up Hump Day Coffee Club will enable these people to work alongside each other in the same environment. It seemed like the natural next step.”

The club, which is free to attend and requires no subscription, launched at Tea Atelier earlier this month.

It will will take place at a different venue every Wednesday from 11.30am to 2.30pm and anyone from Ramsbottom and the wider Rossendale Valley are invited to join.

Mr Ardill said: “A real mix of people attended the launch and it was great. We had a student paramedic, an image consultant, a project manager, and it was interesting to learn about how working from home can affect different people in different ways.

“Co-working is not a new concept, but I hope to make it one that will help people separate their work and home lives, improve their mental health, and also support businesses and the local economy in the Rossendale Valley.”

The next Hump Day Coffee Club will be held on Wednesday, September 12, at Drinc Coffee Bar, in Bridge Street, Ramsbottom. It is free to attend and all are welcome.