On Sunday afternoon I went to visit a local heritage exhibition at Padiham Town Hall. I was overwhelmed by the masses of people who were there to remember the town and its people, many even returning for a second viewing. The atmosphere was heart-warming: the exhibition had successfully brought our community together, whilst beautifully capturing Padiham's history.

The event cost £1 to enter, a fair price to pay in order to witness the terrific archives, many dating back over the past Century. The walls were covered with Padiham's memories, ranging from Sports Newspaper cuttings to local photographs and maps of the area. The largest interest was around the old school photographs, which were centred in the middle of the room. Many of the visitors were seen spotting their family and friends in these displays, generating friendly conversation and reminiscing.

I personally found it interesting to witness the changes Padiham has gone through, as I looked at the black and whites photographs and tried to imagine what Padiham was like decades ago. I also enjoyed seeing many of the faces of Padiham together, in the photos and in the hall. For the younger generation it can be easy to forget the Padiham that lived before us: this exhibition gave a charming reminder of this history. The exhibition also displayed Padiham's leafy' scenery, which we are still privileged to have today. The event was a huge success thanks to the organisers Bob and Ann Clark.