A THIEF whose picture was put on playing cards to help police identify top targets has been given an ASBO.

Drug addict Daniel Francis Devlin, 34, has also been made subject to a night-time curfew as well as facing a five year jail sentence if he is caught interfering with vehicles or going out equipped for crime.

This comes just over a year after Devin was named by Burnley police as one of the town's most prolific burglars.

And his picture was placed on the King of Spades' card in a deck of playing cards, each of which featured a different image and were distributed to officers to help them recognise suspects.

He was named one of Burnley's most prolific criminals after: Committing his first offence aged just 10; Having more than 100 previous convictions; And in June last year he admitted a £25,000 crime spree including the theft of a £15,000 camera, conning a disabled woman out of £400 and leaving a £10,000 trail of destruction after breaking into a number of cars.

Sgt Dave Fleming, of Burnley police, was pleased that the court had imposed the order on Devlin.

He said: "Daniel Devlin is one of Burnley's most prolific offenders and this severe community punishment should severely impact on his quality of life with the threat that if he breaches the terms of the order he is likely to face a prison sentence."

Devlin was given the two year ASBO by Burnley Magistrates after being caught "red-handed" by police in two of his latest early morning expeditions.

The defendant also received 140 days in prison, suspended for two years, with two years supervision, a two month curfew, seven days a week, between 7pm and 7am and a 12 month drug rehabilitation requirement.

Under the order, Devlin is prohibited from associating with Mark Butterworth, Brendan Ormonde, David Driver and Darren Storer.

He is not allowed to interfere with or enter any vehicle without prior consent of the owner or to carry any article for use in theft such as tools, screwdrivers or crowbars.

The defendant, of Airdrie Crescent, Burnley, admitted theft and attempted theft between July 4 and 5, theft between April 16 and 17 and theft and going equipped for theft on August 24.

He asked for 17 offences to be considered. Devlin must also pay £250 compensation. Sentencing, the bench told Devlin this was a chance to get his drug problem under control.

Charlotte Crane, prosecuting, said on Aug 24 at 2.45am, Devlin was caught by police with gloves, a screwdriver and a lighter. He was then spotted by police in the early hours a second time.

The defendant also targeted a works van, putting sticky tape around the edges of the window as he smashed it. He took tools to the tune of £1,500.

Miss Crane added Devlin's last conviction had been for theft from a vehicle and at that time he had had asked for 12 offences to be considered.

Burnley police's playing card initiative was inspired by decks of cards featuring pictures of members of Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime, which were given out to troops following the American-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.