ANOTHER sort of teenager hits the road at this time of the year, the now gangly and less cuddlesome litters of unwanted kittens whose owners took them on a whim and now find they want to go on holiday or the animal needs looking after and they've other things to do, or the children are returning to school etc.

Who are the irresponsible people who take a pet and let it breed without any thought of finding good homes or realising a kitten can produce at less than a year old and that one female cat can produce thousands of offspring in her life?

Animal charities are inundated with kittens and abandoned grown cats needing homes.

Most helpers for these charities are volunteers giving their own precious time and raising money.

A few months ago a new Animal Welfare Bill was enacted, the first for a hundred years! This Act, accessible on the net, reminds pet owners of their responsibilities.

Properly cared for, a cat can have a life of 16 to over 20 years.

Having one's pet cat neutered is a social responsibility.

SOPHIE JONES (address supplied).