I HAVE just read the thoughts of Salim Mulla in which he has chosen to denigrate the Harry Potter books.

Obviously he has read the books in depth to have such familiarity with and intimate knowledge of them, more so than myself I fear, as I cannot profess to be an avid "Harry" fan.

However, it would appear to me that his scathing comments are nothing more than another attack on British culture, folklore and tradition.

Perhaps Mr Mulla would prefer it if all children were to be deprived of the telling of good, imaginative fairy stories which contain elements of folklore, magic and fantasy handed down through generations.

Perhaps you should have a good think, Mr Mulla, about how good it is to live in a society that actually allows you to have what you write put into print and hope your children have a more expensive imagination than you obviously do.

ALLEN EVANS (via email).