WE have recently had to listen to Salim Mulla's opinion on everything under the sun. I, for one, think he would be better spending time trying to think of things we as a nation agree on, instead of being so negative.

Doesn't he realise not many people agree with the Iraq War, especially the people of this country who have lost their sons and daughters for this futile cause?

Surely he must see that most deaths are being caused by insurgents, not the British and American soldiers.

The Harry Potter books are make-believe fairy stories and children are intelligent enough to realise this. If these books get children to take an interest in reading then I, as a grandmother, applaud the writer.

Coun Mulla would be better concentrating on his council work and trying to get rid of drug problems, the catching of corrupt young men who try to groom innocent children into sex acts, and the crime on our streets.

These issues affect us all whatever our beliefs. Making it possible for us all to lead better lives should be one of his main priorities.

IRENE THORNLEY, Coniston Drive, Darwen.