A CIRCUS big top has been set up for the first time in an East Lancashire town.

And bosses want Lancashire Telegraph readers to name two new camels that are a part of the show, which begins on Wednesday night in Great Harwood.

The pair, one a baby and the other a rare white female, will be performing alongside animals including three zebras as well as horses and ponies.

The camels have been added to the show in the last week and ringmistress Petra Jackson, 30, says she wants readers to suggest names for them.

She said: "We are looking for names that reflect the animals themselves.

"The adult female camel is very rare and beautiful and we want a name that fits. We haven't had chance to name either of them yet and we are looking for some inspiration."

Petra, one of the youngest ringmasters in the country, defended the use of animals in the circus.

Circus Mondao, a Lincolnshire company who runs the event, says the animals receive first-class care.

Petra said: "Because we do it under the heading of 'circus' people think it's cruel."

She added: "We are a nice circus and we try to put on a show that is fun for all of the family.

l Circus Mondao is on at the Wood Street showground from Wednesday until Sunday.