A NEW club has been launched to help refugees to find jobs.

The ARC Project – which helps asylum seekers and refugees – launched its job club yesterday.

Members can get help at the club with writing CVs and job applications as well as learning English.

Co-ordinator Nudrat Mughal said: “There are a lot of people who want to start working but they have additional needs.

“Some of them struggle with IT or English – or maybe they don’t know how to write a CV.

“We are creating an environment where they can have access to the services they need.

"We’ve helped write CVs for a few people and they have had some interviews.”

Tabinda Khavas, 17, a refugee from Afghanistan who now lives in Blackburn, said: “I’ve been working with Nudrat for a while now and ARC has helped me a lot with arts and crafts, drama, and music.

“I’ve made new friends and improved my English since I came here 10 years ago.

"This job club can help people in the same way."

Ebrahim Shahdad, 19, originally from Iran, added: “I haven’t had the chance to get an interview yet but it has been good experience.

“The ARC project helps you with finding a job with your skills and experience and they help with other things like learning English and paperwork.”

Launching the club yesterday, Deputy Mayor Cllr Jim Shorrock, said: “Places like this offer a one stop shop offering all the facilities refugees need, like job clubs, form filling, and music lessons.

“This is important because when people come to the country, they need as much help as they can get, and being a stranger to this environment is not a nice experience.”

Deputy Mayoress Linda Mahon added: “It may help to know more than one language, especially working with customers, as this is valuable to employers.”

The job club will be based at Wesley Hall, Methodist Church.