TENANTS have slammed a housing association for not doing enough to tackle anti-social behaviour after arsonists torched the bin shed of a house.

The fire was started in the bin shed of a flat on Cross Barn Walk, Darwen, at around 2.30am on Friday.

It gutted the shed of the flat and that of a neighbouring property, as well as damaging the front doors of both homes.

And angry tenants have criticised housing provider The Guinness Partnership for its lack of action in dealing with anti-social behaviour targeting the flat.

Donna Morris, 45, who lives on Cross Barn Walk, said residents had been left fearing for their lives following the fire, which saw several people evacuated.

She said: “The entire flat was in flames and it was really frightening.

“This has been going on since June when the flat became empty.

“Curtains have been set on fire, a brick put through a window and there was a fire on Saturday night also.

“We’ve contacted Guinness but they’ve not done enough and we’re fearing for our lives.”

Patricia Kitchen 54, who also lives on Cross Barn Walk, said: “We asked Guinness to put shutters on the flat but this wasn’t done up until the other day.

“It’s taken this fire for them to finally get their act together.”

A police spokesman said they had been called to the incident on Friday as well as a fire at the same address on Saturday, August 11, with both incidents being treated as arson.

A fire service spokesman said: “Ventilation units were used to clear the smoke but it seems like the fire was already out when we got there.

“There were no casualties or people rescued from the scene.

“The fire had started in an outbuilding and threatened to go to a derelict house.

“People were evacuated from the neighbouring properties due to smoke inhalation.

“They were there for half an hour.”

A Guinness Partnership spokesman said: “Anti-social behaviour is unacceptable and we take it very seriously. Both the properties have now been secured and we are working closely with residents and the local police."