School children will return to school after the summer break to find their pigeons placed top in a race.

St Andrew’s CE Primary School only have five pigeons, and came P1, P2, P3, and P5 in the top scores on Saturday 11 August.

It was the first win for the school, and they won £250 altogether. The birds travelled from Stafford to Oswaldtwistle.

During the summer holidays, assistant head teacher Paul Burns along with his dad Allen Burns, have been attending the school twice a day to feed and train the birds.

Mr Burns said: “I knew we were doing alright, but I didn’t think we would win.

“My Dad has helped out a lot too during the holidays. The children have a big part in the win as they were busy feeding them and preparing them for flights.

“It’s about the balance of the food too. If they’re too heavy they won’t fly well.”