A MUM has told of her horror seeing CCTV footage of four masked men appearing to attempt to break into her family home in the early hours.

The gang was caught on CCTV cameras installed at the home of the family of four in the village of Worsthorne.

And the incident happened while the family slept in their beds at 3.30am on Monday.

It was only when shocked home owners Christopher and Lisa Egerton-Jones returned home from work on Monday evening, that they were told about what happened by a neighbour who had witnessed it.

Lisa said: "A neighbour had seen the men come out of a white BMW and put masks on.

"They had items in their pockets, one looked like he had a hammer and they seemed to be armed."

The CCTV footage shows the culprits, who are all dressed in dark or black clothing with hoods, walk casually into the front garden of the house.

One of the gang appears to be carrying a hammer in his pocket and intruders can be clearly seen eyeing the family's Audi SQ5 on the drive.

They then look into the windows of the house and one of them tries the front door.

"It was only when the family dog,a German Pointer, began to bark, that they left, " said Lisa.

"The gang weren't deterred by the high-power security lights fitted at the home."

Lisa said the incident had left the couple's two children, aged nine and seven, especially their youngest, 'petrified', and they have reported it to police.

She has shared the CCTV footage on various Facebook pages and says it has been shared 5,000 times and has attracted tens of thousands of views.

Lisa added: "It was very scary to watch the footage.

"I don't these people realise the aftermath of their actions.

"The incident has left our youngest petrified, who's not sleeping at night.

"The response on Facebook has been overwhelming and I hope it encourages people to come forward and report these incidents and for them to be vigilant."

A police spokesman said they had received a report of the incident and it was being investigated.

The spokesman said: "We've received a report of suspicious circumstances and that someone has looked at CCTV.

"They've seen four men looking up and down the street."

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference LC 2018 08061251