A HEARTLESS thief has stolen a mobility scooter from outside the home of a disabled woman.

The callous criminal struck on Wednesday night after 52-year-old Leatitia Longland parked the £300 machine outside her rented bungalow in Holmbrook Close in Highercroft, Blackburn.

When the former hospital auxiliary nurse came down in the morning to take her four dogs for a walk, the scooter had vanished.

Ms Longland, who suffers from lung disease and fibromyalgia, said: “This is absolutely disgusting.

“How low can a thief get to steal a mobility scooter.”

She had only had the scooter for two weeks and had not had time to insure it.

Now she, the police and Blackburn South East councillor Andy Kay have appealed for anyone with information about the theft or whereabouts of the scooter to contact the authorities.

Ms Longland said: “I left the scooter parked up to charge at 10pm on Wednesday night and when I came down in the morning it was gone.

“I’d only had it for two weeks and bought it so I could get out, go shopping and walk the dogs and feel the wind on my face.

“Outside the front door was the only place I could leave it as there was no access for it to the house or the garden. It will really restrict me without it. I just cannot get around locally.

“I have three chihuahuas - Mini, Precious and Minx - and an old Jack Russell called Nipper which I used the scooter to take for a walk. I can’t really do that any more.

“Stealing someone’s mobility scooter is about the lowest you can get.

“If anyone knows anything about the theft, could they contact me or the police.”

Cllr Kay said: “This is a callous crime by a heartless thief.

“If anyone knows anything about the theft or who committed this crime, could they please contact the police.

“To steal a disabled woman’s mobility scooter is simply despicable.”

A police spokesman said: “We are appealing for information following the theft of a mobility scooter in Holmbrook Close in Blackburn.

“Between August 8 and August 9 it was taken from outside a property. Anyone with information should contact police on 101.”