HYNDBURN MP Graham Jones has warned private landlords about the need to ensure boiler and gas safety after a constituent became seriously ill with carbon monoxide poisoning.

He said he and St Oswald's ward Labour councillor Councillor Glenn Harrison had to intervene over the state of the property in Knuzden.

Mr Jones said: "The house was a tip when it was let and there had been no gas safety inspections.

"The condemned boiler was dispersing a high concentration a carbon monoxide which resulted in the tenant becoming seriously ill and at risk of death.

"She did not know what was wrong with her or her dog.

"When she did discover the problem and approach the landlord he began to be abusive and threatened her, demanding his rent which she had withheld pending essential repairs including a new heating system to replace the broken boiler.

"These sorts of people who rent properties with intimidation should be held to account.

"Hyndburn Borough Council is well aware and I just hope this individual is brought before the courts ."

Mr Joens has asked constituents haviong problems with landlords to contact him.