A FAST-EXPANDING IT firm has been singled out for a special trading partnership with one of the world’s leading operators.

Burnley-based Holker IT has joined forces with Japanese giants Fujitsu as an authorised business partner.

“It’s a feather in our cap that a company of this size wants to partner with us; further evidence of the progress we are making,” said Matthew Metcalfe, managing director at Holker IT.

The recognition follows a year of significant success during which Holker has been supplying clients from Fujitsu’s vast range of equipment.

During the first year of their affiliation, Holker turned over £160,000 through Fujitsu products and have already seen a 220 per cent increase over the early stages of this financial year.

The two companies celebrated their partnership with a special focus day at the Holker IT head office, with prizes for staff members who achieved leads, quotes and essentially orders for Fujitsu products.

Nicola El Shebasi, partner development manager for Fujitsu, said: “The idea was to get everyone focused on selling Fujitsu products for the day. We offered some great prizes from champagne to gift vouchers to provide added incentive, whilst also offering training on our client and enterprise portfolios.

“It’s all about generating new business whilst having some fun along the way.

“Holker’s first year with us has been fantastic and we have developed a strong partnership together.”

Mr Metcalfe added: “Fujitsu offer some of the best products and services on the market and we see this very much as a long-term partnership.”

“The focus day itself was a huge success. It allowed us to offer some fantastic deals to customers, whilst providing our staff with some invaluable training on the products we are selling.

“We are hot on brand awareness and teaming up with such a prestigious company is a huge step in the right direction.”