A DOCUMENTARY short film showing the remarkable exploits of a teenage odd-job boy from Clitheroe has been released.

You can watch the full documentary below (warning strong language).

In the BBC Three short film 18-year-old Alfie explains how he found it hard to hold down a job, so he runs his own business with a tandem bike and a trailer, and has become a bit of a hometown hero.

He says: "People could look at me and think I'm daft, but at the end of the day, I'm making a living."

He adds: "I kept getting jobs but then losing them. I thought if I give myself a job then I can't get sacked."

Makes sense to us Alfie. What an absolute hero. You can watch the full eight-minute film here. 

Remeber, there's strong language...

In the film, Alfie's also seen tackling Clitheroe's pothole problem, spraying offending holes with green paint.

He explains in the film that the poor state of the roads affect his daily work.

For more information on the programme visit the BBC Three website here.