THREE-quarters of the train services which were removed from timetables during May's travel pandemonium are to be reintroduced tomorrow, Northern Rail bosses said.

Northern removed 6 per cent or 168 services a day last month from its network, which includes lines running through Blackburn, Darwen, Burnley, Colne and Accrington after new timetables, introduced on May 20, saw passengers hit with hundreds of delays and cancellations.

The rail franchise has faced huge problems in recent months, bringing into question it's capabilities as a service provider after passengers were regularly left stranded for hours at time, missing exams, appointments and being regularly late for work.

David Brown, Managing Director, of Northern said:"The May timetable caused significant disruption for customers on some routes on our network and we're truly sorry for that.

"We introduced an interim timetable on a number of routes from June 4 and that has enabled us to accelerate our driver training, stabilise service levels, improve performance and significantly reduce last-minute cancellations.

"Whilst we are ready to reintroduce all 168 daily services, given the need to drive further improvements across Manchester, we have agreed to a more gradual reintroduction of our services.

"A phased introduction is the right approach to ensure a more stable and reliable service for customers."

Of the 50 services removed from timetables across Lancashire in May, 38 services are expected to resume tomorrow.

These services included journeys between Preston and Blackburn, Ormskirk and Preston and Lancaster and Morecambe.

The six Blackburn to Southport services which were removed are not expected to be reinstated until September.

The remaining 25 per cent of the services will not run again until September.