THIS week Accrington Academy in Queens Road is celebrating everything within the performing arts department as the school year comes to an end with two special performances to showcase the students’ talents.

The academy likes to focus on helping build character, create compassion and service in their pupils, and staff said performing arts encourages these values in students.

First of these events was the musical spectacular Shine which took place this month, providing a showcase for the school’s music, drama, dance and art departments.

The showcase featured a variety of performances from individual and group acts, which included Vocal Adrenaline, School of Rock and the ukulele club.

Also performing was the school jazz band, Year 9 and 10 dance group the Dance company, Year 12 dance group and primary school pupils from Mount Pleasant Orchestra.

Head of school Nicola Palmer said: “Shine was the ideal opportunity for our students to showcase their talents across the performing arts, helping demonstrate our commitment to not just academic excellence, but also to providing an education with character.

“A huge ‘thank you’ and well done to all involved.”

The academy’s dance students also gave an ‘incredible’ showcase inspired by BBC Ten Pieces this month featuring year 7 and 8 students.

The school performed a production as part of the BBC Ten Pieces national programme, which opens up the world of classical music to young people.

Preparation for the academy’s showcase took the key stage three’s six intensive months of rehearsals, which started with a workshop from professional dance company Balletboyz, when they were joined by pupils from The Hyndburn Academy.

The production, which was part of United Learning’s cultural festival, featured contemporary dance choreography using the Fibonacci sequence created by the students.

Cross-curricular effort was encouraged by the academy as the maths and arts departments collaborated in the production to produce the backdrops, making the show an opportunity for a variety of students.

Andy O’Brien, executive principle, said: “This production was much more than a dance performance, it was a fantastic showcase of our students’ talents and was a perfect demonstration of our commitment to deliver an education with character.”