EIGHT Police Community Support Officers are set to disappear from Lancashire's streets after the county council's Cabinet agreed to stop paying towards them.

The senior councillors agreed to end the part-funding of PCSOs yesterday after a consultation on its impact.

A report warned them the annual saving of £265,000 would hit the ability of Lancashire police to deploy all of the 17 of the PCSO's who receive cash support from the authority. Just nine are likely to be retained.

Cllr Peter Buckley, Cabinet community boss, said: "The council is continuing to face an unprecedented financial challenge, increasing costs and a rising demand for our services.

"This means that difficult decisions have to be made over what we fund, including the part-funding of a small number of Police Community Support Officer posts. The council will continue to work strategically with partners to reduce crime and disorder in the county."

Cllr John Fillis, deputy Labour leader, said “These Conservative consultations are a total sham. With 91 per cent of local people against, to go ahead with these cuts is criminal."

Lancashire Police currently has 281 PCSOs.