A ROLLS-ROYCE union rep climbed into bed with a drunken married woman at a hotel conference and fondled her between her legs a London court heard.

The jury at Inner London Crown Court was told that later toolmaker, Jon Brough, 46, who consumed 10 pints during the evening, told police the woman had been flirting with him and sitting on his lap before they retired to her room at midnight.

Brough, of Winterley Drive, Huncoat, who works at the company’s Barnoldswick site has pleaded not guilty to assault by penetration at Surrey’s Esher Place Hotel on October 4, 2016.

Prosecutor Catherine Patterson told the jury Rolls-Royce funded a free open bar for an hour before the Unite union dinner and the woman, 46, consumed more alcohol at a pub, after which she remembers nothing until the morning.

“She remembers waking up with her jeans unzipped, her bra unclipped and this defendant laying next to her,” he told the court.

“She sent a text reading ‘help’ to a colleague after realising that something had happened.

“She was shocked at seeing this defendant there and said: ‘You need to **** off.’

“He replied: ‘You’ve sobered up’ and dressed and left the room.”

Hours earlier Brough and a colleague had escorted her to the room, with the other man recalling the defendant saying: “C’mon. This party hasn’t finished yet.”

Ms Patterson told the court: “She consumed a considerable quantity of alcohol. She was so intoxicated she did not have the ability to consent to any sexual activity.

“Mr Brough could see she was in a state of intoxication and decided to take advantage.”

After returning home the complainant reported him to the police two weeks later and Brough was questioned in Manchester on December 20, 2016.

Ms Patterson said he admitted to sexually touching the complainant but said she had consented to doing that.

“He said she was very drunk, sitting on people’s laps, including his. He had seen her fall off a chair and saw her laughing and giggling and thought they would go back to her room for sex.”

Brough told the officers: “There was sexual activity. Mutual kissing and passionate touching.”

Ms Patterson told the court: “He also told police he had tried to pull her knickers and trousers down, but she would not allow it and in the morning seemed angry with herself.”

She said that a colleague of the complainant described her as having “slurred speech,” “staggering about” and “looking very drunk.”

Another was said to have seen her chatting with Brough in a corridor and appearing to be leaning on him while another witness claimed they were in the hotel reception with their arms around each other.

The next morning a concerned colleague was said to have confronted Brough who is said to have shrugged his shoulders and to have said there had been some drunken flirting.

In a police video interview played to the jury the woman said she recalled drinking three pints of cider, a glass of wine and a vodka and coke that night.

“I got very drunk, very quickly,” she told the trial.

“I remember waking up and I was still in clothes. My jeans were unzipped and my bra unclipped.

“I don’t know how he got there. I was shocked to see him there and said: ‘**** off.’

“I don’t know what happened, I panicked, I was stressed and felt really ashamed of myself. I’m married.

“There was blood on the sheet and that concerned me. I thought: ‘what’s happened here?’

“Later I read a news report about ‘too drunk to consent’ and I thought: ‘Hello. That’s what happen to me. It’s not my fault.’

“I don’t even remember talking to him, that’s why I’m shocked he got there.”

The trial continues.