A BUSINESS stepped in at the last minute to help save a primary school's summer fair after their events shelter was stolen.

Teachers from Benjamin Hargreaves Primary School in Accrington posted desperate pleas on Facebook on Friday after their events shelter was stolen.

Children at the school had previously carried out fundraising to pay for the gazebo.

The team at The Property Shop letting agency noticed the post on Facebook and got in touch to let the school know a replacement would be hand-delivered to them by 9am Saturday in time for the summer fair, which went ahead as planned.

Julie Nicol, headteacher at the school, said: "We are really grateful because the children had raised money all through the year having bun days and holding a pantomime to pay for the shelter that was taken.

"It was such a shame for the children so thank you so much to the Property Shop for this gift.”

Steven Chippendale, joint managing director of Property Shop, said: "The children’s faces just lit up when they saw, it was incredible.”

"We are just really happy we could help the school out."