I was at St Francis' Church in Blackburn on Sunday, and what a lovely church it is.

We were there for the christening of my great granddaughter Kaprice, as I entered the church I was awash with memories of when we first lived up on Green Lane.

I started to go there every Sunday. The services were a little different from the ones I was used to at my previous Methodist Church in Feniscowles, a bit more formal, stricter, and dare I say it posher! But everyone was always friendly and so I really enjoyed it.

But on Sunday I must admit I was quite impressed by the very good behaviour of all the young children which included my lively, lovely great granddaughter Krystal, which I thought was very good as it is they, who until now have usually been the centre of attention.

Well it’s sort out the wardrobe time. Andrew remarks rather sarcastically “I don’t know why you bother because in the end you always put every thing back”.

It’s one of those things that men don’t understand that clothes are more than just garments they hold memories, by actually holding them you can be transported to the day, the occasion, even the emotions you felt when you wore them, and I notice that he has one or two items in his wardrobe that fall into that category.

But as we women all know men don’t admit that they have any soppy emotions.

But I shall say no more, except that hanging in the spare room there is a scout hat, that hasn’t been worn for oh I don’t know how many years.

Well now I have promised myself that it’s time a lot of stuff must go.

I have decided that to have a day or two of outings in order to prepare myself, but where to?

Well top of my list is, as always Blackpool, then Edinburgh.

I am not sure after that as now all big cities are the same, they seem to have lost their individuality.

So it's back to the old idea – it's got to be country villages.

But the trouble is I don’t know of any that I haven’t been to, so I am going to have to revert to a bit of map reading, could be quite interesting, now the only other problem is? Where on earth did I put them?